Technology has changed the face of many, many industries and the way we do business is barely recognisable from just 40 years ago, when the Wright Estate Agency opened.

What was common place only a few short years ago is now being replaced with the latest innovation, and we have embraced these changes, implementing anything we discerned as being beneficial to our clients; and we continue to ensure we remain at the cutting edge with various things in the pipeline for 2019...

Today we offer many of these as a standard part of our finely tuned customer service.

Residential sales

Whilst over the years many of our competitors have branched into lettings, holiday rentals, commercial property, financial advice etc., we have remained true to our core business of residential sales, with all of our staff soley dedicated to what they do best – selling houses, flats and bungalows across the Island.
As masters of the one trade, we have also remained true to the concept of no sale no fee.

We don’t believe, even with the best will in the world, upfront payment can possibly be enough incentive to secure the end result you’re looking for but with the pace of people’s lives in a changing world it is only right and proper to be paid on results in case you yourself have a change of heart.

With available properties only a press of a button away, we strive to ensure your property will stand out from the rest in all our marketing; online, on paper and on social media.
Good presentation embellished with quality photographs, essential floor plans, thought provoking video footage and premium listings online for the widest possible coverage.

Rightmove, OnTheMarket, IWCP and our own website provide easy access to our current stock for local, mainland and international buyers. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter enables us to reach buyers more reliant on social media and as demand grows we’re ensuring that your property looks as good in an app as it does in real life.

Multi-branch marketing

We provide comprehensive coverage of the Island with our 5 branches ensuring that all of the property gets to all of the buyers – all of the time. Prominent high street branches can be easily found in East Cowes, Freshwater, Newport, Ryde and Shanklin.

Motivated sales team

Unlike selling a product off the shelf, every property is different. Our staff are highly trained professionals who love property. For a stress-free sale – and for your security -we accompany viewings 6 days a week to maximise every feature of every home as well as every opportunity to promote your home.

Bespoke marketing can be tailored to individual needs and specific property types – talk to us about a package that would be Wright for you.

For sale boards

We recommend you have a ‘For Sale’ board in a prominent position outside your home.

Everybody in your neighbourhood – including the postman ! – functions as a powerful network, attracting wide interest. Our new For Sale and SOLD boards are designed to stand out and attract even more interest in your home. Industry authorities suggest having a board can create 10-20% MORE enquiries in some cases.

Open homes

An import from the U.S. and Australia, Open Homes are fast becoming the way to get quality viewings combined with least disturbance. As well as creating a very healthy spirit of competition amongst buyers; often leading to strong offers, it channels enquiries on the appropriate properties minimising disruption and adding to an efficient marketing period.

Land and new homes

Over recent years the Wright Estate Agency has been involved in a significant number of developments; both flats and houses of all shapes and sizes. Nothing compares to the excitement that goes into the planning stages of a new home and nothing compares to our experience of helping buyers realise that dream.

Our website

We’re glad you’re here - we hope you’ve found it useful and informative !

It has been designed to be easy to navigate and intuitive, as well as to react to the type of device used to access the pages; whether it’s via a PC, laptop, tablet/pad or mobile phone – to keep you in touch with properties on the go.

Financial advice

As we’ve said, we don’t offer financial advice ourselves but we have built up relationships with professional financial advisers who are always available to guide you through the mortgage market and ensure you get the right deal. Unlike many IFAs they do not charge for advice given and they process applications at a speed to suit your needs.

Each adviser is suitably qualified and independent reassuring you they can search the whole of market. We can set up a meeting for you or facilitate direct contact from the advisor.  

Legal advice

We do work with a number of companies we can recommend both locally and on the mainland.

We have the facility to provide regular updates both personally and online; to your preference.

We monitor progress, assist with queries along the way and liaise between parties to agree the completion date.

We are members of