I am currently looking to purchase my first property and have been scrutinising the energy rating graphs for each property. I am on a modest income and the future running costs of the property worry me a little, can you give me any advice?

A. I am sure your views are shared with all sorts of buyers, so you are not alone with your concerns.

The Energy Efficiency Graph is a helpful guide to a purchaser as to how energy efficient the property is, or in laymen’s terms, will it be expensive to run. The best rating achievable is ‘A’, although this is rarely seen. The average is ‘D’ and the higher ratings will tend to be newer builds and flats. However, if you read the accompanying report it will show what you can do to the property to increase its efficiency and so keep running costs down. This may include adding energy-saving light bulbs, increasing loft insulation or replacing the central heating boiler.

It' is always worth checking the properties potential rating which can also be seen on the graph before making a decision.

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