I am currently looking to purchase my first property and have been scrutinising the energy rating graphs for each property. I am on a modest income and the future running costs of the property worry me a little, can you give me any advice?

Flats with pets

Dear Simon, I am struggling to find a flat to purchase which allows pets. Is this normal or have I just been unlucky?

A. I know the country is full of pet lovers but unfortunately this passion is not shared by many of the leasehold titles within blocks of flats. But there is still hope! Not all leases are the same in this context, some simply say that; pets are allowed as long as the do not cause a nuisance. Therefore if you are confident your pet will not cause a nuisance to others within the building then a flat with this Caveat in the lease is within your grasp. Some smaller blocks, i.e. converted houses where there are just a couple of units can also be far more pet friendly as the possibility of such a nuisance is reduced greatly. My advice is persevere, and please remember that as this is so important to your choice of purchase make sure you ask the selling agent before you view, so that you aren’t disappointed.

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